Train The Trainer Training

 “Train The Trainer Training”, quite a mouthful isn’t it? But then this training, does put the right words into your mouth.

Mahatma Gandhi said, a perfect student “Learns as if he were to live forever ” and Albert Einstein said, a perfect teacher ” never teaches the pupils; but only attempts to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

And a perfect trainer has to be a combination of the two! Constantly learning and helping others learn!

Train the Trainer Training or TTT as it is popularly called, is a workshop which equips regular professionals with basic training skills to train adult learners.

Is attending a TTT essential for a trainer? The answer is a simple no. But is it useful? Hell yes!

You’ll meet many experienced and successful trainers who have never attended a TTT themselves, but are now, an authority on training. And if you ask them how they learned training…their answer will be “Oh…experience”! Enough times have we said “Experience is the best teacher” and it is true, but if we wait for this teacher to have mercy on us, it may take months, probably years to get good at our work 

Hence training! TTT does not magically turn you into a superb trainer overnight, but it sure as hell improves your chances to learn from the best teacher, faster.

Years back I was standing in front of a room full of Assistant Managers from a company looking up to me, to help them with their communication skills.  And why was I the chosen one?…believe it or not, just because I was an Industrial Psychologist (okay not just, I did study a lot to become one). But the truth was I was never trained on how to train! In fact I had never even heard of Train the Trainer courses! I managed to survive through that session with the help of sheer confidence.

Now when I look back, I know I made hundreds of mistakes in a span of just 6 hours (yes! it’s possible, trust me!). It was then, that I actually started learning.

So if you haven’t been to a Train the trainer training yet, or are not sure whether or not it is for you, here’s your chance to take an inside look.  I have put together lots of resources to help you, so you don’t have to score your century of mistakes. 

In you’ll find help to conduct a variety of popular trainings, right from team building to car sales! Ideas for your training career, whether you want to breeze through the much dreaded HR interview or just want be self employed. And of course you’ll find the main ingredients of a TTT , tips to improve presentation skills, using body language effectively, training ice breakers… it’s all here. Apart from that, you can also learn beyond just training. Find the answers to how training fits into the complex HR Planning process, or just what would be the perfect inspirational gift for your participants!

So here’s your very own Train the Trainer Training at your doorstep! For all you know, you’ll be an expert trainer without a Train the trainer certification who says “Oh…experience” to the typical question from the newcomers!!

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